Are you newly engaged or soon to be engaged? Here are a few tips to help keep you organized and kick off this new exciting chapter on the right foot.

1. Don’t share your news on social media until after you’ve told your closest family and friends

You don’t want to offend your Aunt Sally by having her find out your big news on social media at the same time your former boss finds out. Take the time to call or text those closest to you.

2. Insure your engagement ring

Engagement rings aren’t cheap and mistakes can happen. Get your ring insured so you don’t have to worry about anything happening to it. You can add it to your current homeowners or renters insurance.

3. Enjoy being engaged

Don’t let anyone rush you into planning the wedding right away, unless you want to! It’s perfectly OK to not know when the wedding will be or to want a long engagement.

4. But be prepared to answer lots of questions

You don’t have to plan your entire wedding out the minute you get married but be prepared for how you will answer questions that people will ask you when they find out you’re engaged. Having an answer to these questions ahead of time will help you feel more relaxed about sharing your news

5. Introduce your parents to each other

Now that two families are becoming one, make sure to get things started on the right foot by introducing everyone to each other. Host everyone for a brunch or go out to dinner so your parents and in-laws can get to know each other a little better.

6. Don’t take planning more seriously than your future marriage

When you are ready to start planning, don’t forget to plan for your marriage too, not just the wedding day itself. Consider visiting a marriage counselor for a prep course or committing to a couples retreat once every year to keep your marriage strong.

Most of all, enjoy your engagement because it only lasts for a season. Start planning at your own pace and in your own time and ask for help when you need it.